Friday, January 30, 2009

Chasing Butterflies*

They say love is like a butterfly, the more you try to chase it, the more it moves away from you. I concede this is true. Yet, you can't really fault anyone for chasing their butterflies, their happiness or their dreams. These are what gives sense to our humanity--our capacity to feel, to hope, to dream, to love.

And so I am just one of the many who notwithstanding the knowledge of the futile chase, and the number of times I stumbled and fell, still get up again to feel, to hope, to love yet one more time.

They also say that people in love often create a world of their own which outsiders never really see until its protective glass breaks and all that are left are fragments of a 'used to be.'
I compiled some of my fragments, some of the patches of memories for you to take a peek into my past "make believe worlds" which are also the fragments and patches of who I am now. Prepare for all sorts of shallowness, sucrosity and basically craziness. Here are my "elementary" affairs, the best and the worst moments of my chase. Enjoy!

*I recently compiled some love letters I’ve sent and received. I entertained the idea of publishing it. I know it’s insane but then if Dylan Thomas has his, why can’t I have mine? This is the introduction to the compilation.

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