Monday, February 9, 2009

Backpacker’s Diary Entry No.1

I’m impulsive…and not just the impulsive-shopper kind of impulsive (although that’s also me most of the time). More like the ‘I’m-leaving-law-school-and-go-to-Batanes-instead’ impulsive. So, because of this impetuousness, my odyssey to the ‘Land of the Winds’ begins tomorrow.

All afternoon, we did nothing but segregate my stuff: one pile for those to bring home, another for those to take with me, and the rest for throwing. My Pa kept telling me, he thinks I’m not ready, as I haven’t learned how to detach. Hesays, he thought I wanted to get away from the environment I’m used to, and then asks me what I would do with all the books I’m hoarding. I don’t need to go far just to read books, he said. And my amenities, for what do I need them? I’ll be living with Ivatans and they wouldn’t care the least if I smell like camote or Calgon’s hawaiian ginger. I argued of course. I’ll be the one suffering from back ache anyway so he shouldn’t worry. It’s my call. I can do this.
Fine, he said, just don’t bring party dresses. Haha, like I’m that foolish.

I’ll be taking the road as all flights to Batanes this month are put on hold. Thus, I’ll take the bus to Laoag or Vigan, spend a night there and head to Currimao, Ilocos Norte the next day. From Currimao, I’ll catch a ferry, the MV Ivatan Princess which will then bring me to Basco after an 18-hour trip. Basco is the capital and commercial center of Batanes. I’ll be staying at overnight lodges/inns there. I’ll also be applying for whatever job is available there and hopefully I’ll be able to get one within a week or two, else I’m dead. This is my basic plan but then as Queenie would say to Benjamin, “You never know what’s coming for you.” May the good Lord bless me.

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