Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Smiles

Monday Smiles, originally uploaded by sofia_olga.
I had a fairly productive photo walk today. I passed by the city market to hand some of the printed vendor portraits to their respective owners. Some of them remembered me and was even expecting me while others have already forgotten I took their picture once. Our exchanges were very light and filled with smiles. I took advantage of this "lightness" of mood by smiling to other nearby street sellers and stall owners and taking a few photographs of those who generously smiled back. :)

The three ladies here are namely Helen, Farreda and Herminia. Helen sells cabbages and onions. Farreda owns a cellphone accessories stall. Herminia sells avocados outside a famous fast food chain. Aling Helen says she reads the paper to pass the time waiting for buyers. Aling Farreda, who apparently has high blood, prefers laughter as a therapy. Meanwhile, Aling Herminia, is quite funny. She waved me off several times but then after I showed her one of her photos, she kept reminding me to give her a copy. :)

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