Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photography as Art

Photography as Art, originally uploaded by sofia_olga.

(An amateur's take on why photography is an art)

I was invited to speak on digital photography as part of a former room mate's report on contemporary art. I was in panic mode for a couple of days as 1) I do not have extensive knowledge and experience yet to be a good resource speaker. 2) I have developed stage fright over the years so I tend to have panic attacks before, during and after speaking which is really bad.

Anyway, I prepared this to "save me" when I am no longer making sense during the talk.hehe.


katz rivera said...

how did the speech go? i bet it was an interesting piece. :)

olga villanueva said...

Hi Katz!!:) It went badly,hehe. I forgot to say a lot of things. I stuttered,stammered and rambled. This video was the only thing which saved my face. Hay.hehe. Thank you for your nice comments by the way. :)